Truffle Fries

From the Famous Danger Dog to any of our other Extravagant Brats and Hot Dogs, we strive to bring you the very best. Our original recipes and house-made toppings and dressings guarantee an original culinary experience one can only find at The Rolling Hunger. Pure beef without msg, fillers or additives assure quality and your satisfaction.

Straight from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Longview, Texas. This amazing Appetizer is gaining popularity in East Texas and can only be found at our Gourmet Food Truck. The Beef Ragout Filling is a gastronomical delight. Our 'Kroket' (Croquette) is served on a warm roll with Spicy Brown Mustard.

The 'Kroket'

Gourmet Dogs

Our Parmesan Black Truffle Fries are the best east of the Pacific - and west of the Atlantic Ocean. Flavored with genuine French Black Truffle, infused with our Signature blend of Oils and sprinkled with shredded Italian Parmesan Cheese, this dish has an enticing aroma and deep flavor.

Longview's very First Gourmet Food Truck

Street Food Never Tasted so Good

Angus Beef Burgers